Instructions for photos

  1. Click the bunny, to see older photos
  2. A smiley face, means it's loading
  3. If it stays for 5s, click again
  4. If the link died, click the broken icon
  5. Thanks. Simple really.

Bunny Daily

Is being set up still.
There is a portfolio and some sample flash work.
Maybe look at our page, Four Woots or should we call it For Woot.
And here's today's bunny:

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Bunnies aren't all fun and games. Before you take a bunny home, follow these steps:

  1. Adopt from a shelter.
  2. Get honest advice from said shelter or an experienced rabbit owner.
  3. Prepare your home according to this advice.
  4. Accept that your bunny will not act cute nor loving except on rare occasions.
  5. Treat your bunny well even when it eats your HDTV, burrows in your bedroom, and steals from the fridge; try not to put it up for adoption nor abandon it.